Electronic Medical Records 

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ACR is currently working on building a comprehensive EHR platform that will provide physicians with access to the health history of all patients
they care for.

Our EHR platform will be designed to contain and share information from all providers involved in a patient’s care. This will be managed and consulted by authorized providers and staff from across more than one healthcare organization.

Why Us

Increasingly, collections of medical records are stored and shared digitally by multiple medical service providers. African Clinical Research has explored the costs of implementing electronic medical record systems; the benefits accrued, including the improved quality of care; the rate of technology adoption; individual privacy concerns; and the role of government in the use and growth of electronic record keeping.

  • Improved Diagnosis & Treatment 
  • Significantly Fewer Errors Found
  • Faster Care & Decision Making  

The EMR software system was specifically created to fully accommodate all aspects of clinical workflow, including storage, retrieval, and modification of digital patient records plus prescription writing, clinical annotation, ordering laboratory and imaging tests and viewing test results.

Mobile Medical Clinics

In order to simplify the process of collecting medical records ACR is in the process of partnering with a big manufacturer of mobile medical clinics for the purpose of providing healthcare to and collecting medical records of patients in the rural areas.

With our mobile medical clinics, we will be introducing integrated best- of- breed products (Electronic medical records (EMR) and Picture Archiving and Communication systems and Medical Device Connectivity systems) in the market comprising doctors’ offices, clinics, diagnostic centers, hospitals and Mobile Clinics.

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