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African Clinical Research Ltd…….” Bringing quality health to Africa.”

African Clinical Research Ltd brings free, high-quality healthcare directly to communities who lack access to basic health services. We offer the opportunity to process outpatients at the heart of their own communities.

The services provided are outpatient services, Antenatal/postnatal services, identification of difficult pregnancy and referral for institutional care, Immunization Mother and children, Minor surgery, BP examination, X-ray, ECG, First Aid, Distribution of Iron Folic tablets, Vit-A Prophylaxis, Treatment of mal nutrient cases, etc

Paramedic staff in ACRs Mobile Medical Clinics are provided a high level of pre-hospital medical training involving key skills not performed by technicians, including cannulation, cardiac monitoring, intubation etc. by our internationally accredited doctors.

Why Us

African Clinical Research have gone above and beyond by investing heavily in mobile medical clinics in order to take healthcare to Africans in the rural parts of Africa. Our mobile clinics are designed to have all the diagnostic capability for basic to mid-tier specialty medical care.

  • Healthcare Access For All 

  • Quality Services Provided
  • Organizational Excellence & Integrity 

The Mobile Medical Clinics are designed to take comprehensive health care services (preventive, promotive and curative) to rural remote villages and will reach out to the most underprivileged but needy people across the country.

Our Mobile Clinic is a mobile medical clinic that travels to poor communities to provide care. Our clinics offer general medicine and dental services as well as preventative tests

Any patient who may have a serious or long-term condition are immediately placed in our follow-up care program where they work with one of our field nurses throughout the course

Our clinics go beyond treating symptoms; we educate patients on health and self-care topics to raise awareness, break stigmas and provide patients with the tools to lead healthier lives.

The African Clinical Research Ltd – is engaged in providing specialized services in the area of health. Staffed by experienced scientists of different fields of expertise and the use of advanced technology applications, combines in the best possible way:

• Effectiveness • Efficiency • Integrity • Quality assurance • Safety • Speed

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