At African Clinical Research Limited, we conduct all four phases of clinical research, we also provide support to Pharmaceutical companies in terms of research on a contract basis. Because we recognize the important role that physicians play in clinical trials only referenced physicians are chosen for our studies after a thorough inspection of their sites.

We help you design, develop and implement clinical trial solutions to fit your specific needs and we optimize your clinical timelines and support regulatory submissions to bring your products to the market quickly and safely.

Our core services include;

  • Data Driven –

  • Results Orientated

  • Research Led –

Clinical Data Management

We offer reliable Data management services in response to the sponsor’s needs. ACR Clinical Data Management team has a cumulative experience of working on a diverse range of therapeutic trials. Consistent and high quality data are our top priority for clinical data management. We help you generate accurate data. Our Clinical Data Management team ensures production of results that are accurate, accessible, timely, cost efficient and source verified. ACR provides high quality clinical data management to support your drug development needs and to get drugs to the market as soon as possible for patients to have access to them.

Clinical Trial Management

ACR will ensure the success of your trial, helping you bring new products to the market safely and quickly without problems such as under-estimated start up, inefficient feasibility and inexperienced resources.

We offer you the following:

  • Clinical Site evaluation and selection
  • Subject matter experts across a range of therapeutic areas
  • Consistent results and the help you need to reach your critical milestones on time and within budget.
  • Project management, medical, feasibility, regulatory affairs and monitoring expertise.

Site Selection and Patient Recruitment

Effective site management is a cornerstone of every successful research program, ACR clinical operations team selects each study site based on the site infrastructure and access to appropriate patient population. A recruitment and retention plan unique to each site is prepared, focusing on the site’s strengths and experience. A successful site selection process directly impacts on your primary trial objective as well as your overall development plan. At ACR we offer site selection and patient recruitment services to help derive the success of your study by ensuring that the timelines, subject recruitment and overall retention run smoothly.

At ACR we understand that patient recruitment is essential and critical to meeting study timelines and goals. We specialize in reaching out directly to patients through campaigns to derive enrollment. The entire process, from concept through IRB approval to production and placement, is handled by an experienced ACR enrollment team. We provide a unique ability to draw on a large population who already has diagnosed condition. Our recruitment strategies offer flexibility in placement and targeting, while it maximizes your ability to reach enrollment and trial completion goals.

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Clinical Trial Supply Management

We put in place customized logistics model to meet the unique needs of our sponsor, while equally ensuring we adhere to the sponsor’s SOP and regulatory guidelines.

We provide assistance in obtaining import license and customs clearance of clinical supplies. We also take responsibility of drug destruction if required by the sponsor.

  • Data Driven –

  • Results Orientated

  • Research Led –


Quality Assurance

ACR provides the highest level of quality to our sponsors in both the services we offer and in the processes by which we deliver these services. We have QA policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which we apply to all our activities in order to meet our high quality standards. Our procedures are described in a comprehensive set of SOPs which have been written to comply with ICH GCP guidelines, local country regulations and code of Federal Regulations.



  • Data Driven –

  • Results Orientated

  • Research Led –

Monitoring Services

We have highly proficient in-house monitoring staff who are fully trained on ICH guidelines and GCP/SOP compliance, experienced in conducting site evaluation visits, site initiation visits, periodic monitoring visits and study termination visits as well as in-house monitoring functions, including adverse events reporting, and clinical trial material management.

Our monitoring services include:

  • Identification and selection of Investigators
  • Regulatory document review and collection
  • Review of study documents , source data verification, Case Report Forms and Informed consent form
  • Handling protocol deviations
  • Drugs accountability
  • Site qualification, initiation and close out
  • Data query resolution
  • Interim Site monitoring
  • Site contract, budget negotiation and grant administration.
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  • Data Driven –

  • Results Orientated

  • Research Led –

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