Becoming a CRA

Clinical Research Associate (CRA) plays one of the most important roles in bringing life-saving treatments to you at the pharmacy. A CRA has an important task within the clinical trial process. A CRA has the key responsibility to verify that the safety, rights and well being of human subjects (patients) are protected and that the reported clinical trial data are accurate, verifiable from the source document and complete. In a clinical trial, various health professionals come together to produce scientific studies on the benefits, side effects and issues around pharmaceutical products.

Duties of a CRA

  • A CRA helps to design these scientific studies as well as plan them and out them into practice.

  • A CRA also ensures that the studies follow the vital regulatory and ethical frameworks that are nationally and internationally mandated.

  • A CRA will communicate the result of the research to the general public and the academic community.

Benefits of a CRA CAREER

  • During your work as a CRA, you will have the satisfaction of contributing to some of the most important studies that have an enormous effect on health and medicine. Studies may involve the development of a new medication, assessment of a new medical device or testing of a new laboratory method for disease analysis and diagnosis. In this sense, the demand for CRA professionals is a stable one that is increasing rapidly as the science field similarly advances and all types of clinical science jobs in demand.

  • As a CRA, you can work in a variety of different settings. It is one of the clinical science jobs that offer many opportunities to choose the best environment for your career goals. These include academia and universities, government organizations and private agencies such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

  • CRA TRAINING BY African Clinical Research Limited (ACR)

    Training usually requires that you complete an undergraduate degree in life sciences before going on to receive specialized training in the clinical trial aspect of research.


    The duration of the training is 6 weeks; 5weeks virtual training and 1 week one on one training. Now is a good time to consider one of the most important clinical science jobs.

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Clinical Research Associate Course is designed for persons with or without prior on-site clinical trials experience, seeking qualifications and/or current practical knowledge to effectively work as a Principal Investigator (PI), Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), Clinical Data Coordinator or Clinical Data Manager (CDM) in the monitoring of clinical trials globally in all countries that follow the ICH-GCP guidelines for conducting clinical trials.

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